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Building wellness & fitness, one CHALLENGE at a time!
Make a difference this Thanksgiving

Participate in the Runolution "Run for the Turkey" Challenge, and help pay for someone else who is less fortunate. Check out this year’s Thanksgiving themed fork medal that will commemorate your participation in the 2019 #runfortheturkey Challenge. Ten percent (10%) of proceeds will be donated to the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank. Help us fight hunger!

Challenge Details:

This Thanksgiving take the Runolution Pledge to run three (3) miles, or enter a race, and purchase this unique, custom designed fork medal engraved with “I ran for my Turkey Dinner 2019”, which then doubles as your fork for the big meal. That’s right, a 7.5” fork medal made of stainless steel, with a turkey medallion attached to the handle. Receive your medal, run your three miles or race, and then come home and chow down with your award.

Walkers are welcome too! Walk three miles, it counts! Take the Pledge, order for yourself and for your Thanksgiving Day running partners. All pledges and orders must be received by November 20.

Pledge statement:
I will participate in the Thanksgiving Day Turkey Challenge and will run three miles or a race. I will receive my “Fork Medal” which can be used to eat my Thanksgiving Dinner. I pledge to run for my Turkey Dinner! (I will also make sure I wash the fork thoroughly before using!)
Run for the Turkey Dinner Medal
7.5" fork medal
Engraved: " I Ran for my Turkey Dinner 2020"

Made of stainless steel with mirror finish

Get 10% OFF if you order 5 or more!
All medals will be shipped on or about November 15



Building Wellness & Fitness, one Challenge at a time!

In the Spirit of the Twelve Days of Christmas and that little “partridge in a pear tree”, the Runolution hereby issues this Christmas challenge. During the month of December you run one hundred miles. All you have to do is make the pledge to complete this challenge and you may purchase a gorgeous Christmas tree ornament that represents a partridge in a pear tree singing about your effort. The ornament is beautifully designed with molded, three dimensional features, and will be a highlight of any Christmas presentation. It will also be a personal gift to yourself this holiday as a contribution to your health, fitness and overall well-being. It’s also not a bad idea to help get through the holiday celebrations and occasional overindulgences.

#PartridgeChristmasChallenge us to show how you displayed your ornament. If you dare, sing us your challenge to the tune of “...and a partridge in a pear tree!!!” *Medals ordered by November 23 will arrive before December 1. Orders will continue to be processed & shipped until December 15.

Pledge statement:
I pledge to run 100 miles during the month of December. Upon my pledge I will purchase Christmas ornament representing a partridge in a pear tree singing the praises of my effort. It is my personal gift to myself this holiday to better my health, fitness and overall well-being!
Runolution Partridge Christmas Challenge
Ornament specifications:
*4 inch pewter ornament
*Three Dimensional detailed design
*Orders will begin shipping November 20 and continue through December 15.

Select Medal:
Get 10% OFF if you order 5 or more!