About Runolution Boutique

The Runolution Boutique Retail Store is an out-growth of the Runolution Running Company, which was founded by myself in 2004, and services many road race, triathlon, cycling, adventure & obstacle and other types of endurance events. Despite a commitment to servicing these types of events, there was always a strong desire to provide products to individual runners. That is where Runolution Boutique comes in.

Runolution Boutique is designed to provide sproducts to not just talented runners, but also the early morning,"get my 8 miles in" runners. Or the after work or school runners that couldn't wait to blow off some steam from the day. Or the runners who came from completely out of shape and bad habits, to physically fit and feeling the euphoria of running. Runolution Boutique is for all runners!

We are starting with a few gifts. We don't want this effort to be a closet full of gifts, that only end up in the closet, but a carefully selected collection of quality and, hopefully, fun gifts. We will add as we go, but not just for the sake of adding, but because we think we found an item that deserves to be in our collection.

Please look around and see if you like anything. Stop back, because we will always be searching for more special gifts. Thank you..

Joe Mirocke
Runolution & Runolution Boutique